04 November 2010


I think way too much is being made of the fact the write-in candidate leads in the race for Alaska's next Senator.

Of course the person that started the ball rolling, Lisa Murkowski, has declared herself the winner. She fails to realize that the "write in" candidate is a total and is not necessarily indicative of support for one candidate in particular.

There were around 150 write-in candidates for the Senate seat in question. If each of the 150 writes in their own name, and if their friends and family do the same, some of that 13,439 vote lead of the "write-in" over the Republican candidate Joe Miller is accounted for. Other votes will likely be accounted for in small parties.

I think it would be hilarious for Murkowski to actually garner about half of the write in votes, with the rest of them going for one of the other 150 write-ins or for purely imaginative candidates (Mickey Mouse is a perennial favorite). If that happens, look for Murkowski to become an internet verb.


Anonymous said...

If she does succeed, look for Joe Miller to become an internet verb for sore loser.

Larry said...

Why would that be? Joe Miller isn't the one that lost the primary and decided to run a write in when all else failed. If she wins I fully expect Joe Miller to accept the outcome gracefully...unlike Lisa Murcowski has done.

Anonymous said...

A Joe Miller: handcuffing a reporter for trying to ask questions at a public forum.


A Joe Miller: Waaaaaaaah. Losing an election and not graciously



Larry said...

If that happens I will be sure to expose his asshattery, deal?
Thanks for dropping by!