23 March 2011

Defenseless Victim Zones

It's kind of funny, I didn't realize how much my attitudes would change when I got the carry concealed permit. I find that I notice things now that I didn't before.

One of the things I notice, of course, is the Unarmed Victim Zone signs posted here and there. I guess that I didn't notice them before because they didn't apply to me, but now they do.

This morning I got into the Scooby to come home and found the right rear tire nearly flat. I had to get gas anyway, so a quick trip to the gas station got me a fill up of both gas and air, and off to the house I went.

This afternoon I went back out to check on the tire, and sure enough it was down again. I pulled the tire off and put it in the trunk of the Mustang, and off to the tire store I went.

I took the tire in to the store and told them of my problems and they set immediately to fixing it. I had them give me an estimate on tires for the Mustang that I won't need for some time yet (245/45-19, but Ford will buy my tires under warranty for the next two years) and wandered around the showroom while I waited.

When I looked at the window I noticed, underneath a poster advertising tires, a sign similar to the one above. I was, of course, carrying. I took the Grok out to the car and locked it away while I continued to wait.

When they brought the tire out I paid the bill, they thanked me for my business and told me to come on back when I needed tires. I informed them that this was the last transaction we would be able to have, and when they asked why I pointed out their sign.

"I have been background checked and fingerprinted and vetted by local law enforcement" I told them, "and yet you see fit to let me know I am not to be trusted. I don't do business with people that insult me."

They quickly explained that it was company policy, and I replied that was fine. I don't do business with people that insult me.

So I have decided to post a listing of Defenseless Victim Zones, to be periodically updated whenever a sign is seen. This will be the standing policy of Last Refuge of a Scoundrel. Any business that displays any signage indicating that they do not want my business will be informed of the result of their decision and they will be added to the list.

The first on the list is:

Just Tires, Wake Forest

For what it's worth, Goodyear Eagle GT's for the Mustang would have been almost a thousand dollars out the door. Hoplophobia has just cost Just Tires a grand every other year just for the Mustang, and whatever else for the Subaru.

As a side note, the jack that I bought for the Subaru did not have a jack handle, nor did the tool kit that I bought for it, so I'll be making a trip back to the dealer soon.


Mike Mendez said...

I like it!
The loudest votes come from our wallets, and our feet.

Larry said...

You have to tell them why, though, otherwise they don't know why they have lost your business. If they don't know why, they don't know what they should change.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!

James said...

Excellent! Someone else who thinks like I do.

Human Person Junior, Jr. said...

I'm glad to see you take a stand on principle.

"Stupidity oughta hurt," we say. You're making it happen. Company policy cuts both ways. Today's policy bars customers carrying firearms. Tomorrow's policy might read, "Tell the about-to-be-laid-off employee that his services are no longer required, due to yesterday's policy barring customers carrying firearms."

It could happen.

Larry said...

I'm more concerned with the "This death could have been preventable except for company policy" angle.
I was also asked "Why do you need a gun?" My reply, "I hope to God I don't."
Thanks for dropping by HPJ!

Larry said...

James, I am your Padawan apprentice after all ;)
Wait, we are Sith...
Thanks for dropping by!

Michael said...

I had a similar conversation with the management of the Goodyear store in The People's Republic of AnnArbor a while back. After I saw their defenseless victim zone sign, I had them quote the top-of-the-line tires for my Expedition (and a brake job and a front end alignment) and played the part right up to having my credit card out to pay before telling them why I was canceling the sale.

Yeah, I got the "it's company policy" speech and the assurance that the employees don't agree with it. I suggested that they point out the lost sale (and any future sales) to their gun fearing wussy management.

Larry said...

I guess when the toll starts to add up someone will pay attention.
Thanks for dropping by Michael!

Clement said...

It seems to me that by the "logic" you applied in your earlier post about robbers, if you carry a gun into a place of business, it should be the shopkeeper's right to shoot you in the face on the assumption that you are there to rob them. Is that a fair assessment?

Larry said...

Because someone unlawfully entering your place of residence while unlawfully carrying a weapon to unlawfully relieve you of your possessions (and, all too often, your life) is exactly like someone who has been through the training and background checks lawfully carrying into a place of business.
Clement, you need to take some logic lessons.