28 March 2011


On the drive home today it started to snow.

It was the perfect end to the day that I have had.

I'm going to bed now.


Mike Mendez said...

We sure could use some global warming around here.

Larry said...

Couldn't we just? Bring it on, says I.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!

Human Person Junior, Jr. said...

I hope tomorrow's a better day for ya, Larry. Rest up!

Larry said...

It was a much better day HPJ, thanks for dropping by!

PBJdreamer said...

Hey Larry

Some days I just want to climb in bed and ignore everything.

Unless someone climbs in with me


Glad to hear you are feeling better

that is all

Larry said...

It's been a long while since anyone climbed in with me, but yes I am feeling better.
Thanks for dropping by PBJ!