30 March 2011


Yesterday I got a call from my bank raising questions about some charges on my check card.

Today I logged in to my account and over $40 has been charged to I-tunes.

As of now that card has been canceled and I am making other arrangements for some orders I had placed on that card. The bank is making a claim for the charges and is reimbursing me for them.

It is nice having a bank that pays attention. It's one of the many reasons I am still with them even though I have to drive fifty miles to the nearest branch.

As this is for my secondary account the disruption is minor, but I sure would like to know where the thieving bastards got my number so I know not to go there anymore.


PBJdreamer said...

I am enjoying my new I-tunes!!


You did not mean for me to have those?

just kidding

Let me know when you find out who the thieves are and I will help you hunt them down and punish them!!!


that is all

Anonymous said...

It's personal info so don't answer if no need to, but which bank? I'm curious to find a "good" one as a newbie on the east coast. But then, maybe it's just your local branch...and I'm a tad north of you

Larry said...

It won't help unless you are military, it's a credit union that caters mostly to Navy. I can give you more if you are still interested.
Thanks for dropping by!

Larry said...

PBJ, I would be glad to have your help. You could be in charge of fingernail tortures.
Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Oh, well...
I'm near Norfolk and work for Uncle Sam - but I try not to get wet...

This is one of my favorite blogs. Pretty much a daily read...I like your writing.

I guessing not, but that's not Brigid on your header, is it? (Another daily favorite)

Larry said...

They do cater to all branches, my email is in my profile if you want me to send you the link.
Thanks for your continued patronage, I guess that means I'd better post some more, right?
The header picture came to me in an email from my cousin who thinks email was invented so that he could circulate bad jokes around the world, I think it was in one of those forwarded emails called "Best Pictures of 2010." I liked it so much I trimmed it down for the header. Brigid did drop by with a comment to tell me she liked the picture. HOtR is one of my regular stops on the information highway as well.
Thanks for dropping by!