21 March 2011

Thought Of The Day

From 3 Boxes of BS, by way of a link from An NC Gun Blog:

Frankly, I’m tired of the “it is only property” argument from the anti-rights cultists.
It isn’t.
It is an invasion of our homes.
It is a disruption of our lives.
It is an assault on the fiber of our society.
It is time we stop saying “it is only property”.
It is time we sent a message to thugs like this who think they can prey on others — Stop.

To which I would add - a robbery is much more than a deprivation of your property. It is an assault upon your very being, and the act is the robber's way of saying "You are worthless, in my opinion you aren't even a human being."

If you will not defend yourself against that, the robber is right - you are not even a human being, and therefore are not worthy of defense.

I am worthy of defense, as are those I love. This is why I carry.


Human Person Junior, Jr. said...

That's getting down to the heart of the matter (oh, hell, Don Henley will sue me for that).

I'm with you. If someone steals something from me, and that something took 400 hours of my life to acquire (work = dollars = purchase), then the thief took a part of my life.

Secondly, when a burglar is surprised in the act, anything can happen. If he's in my house, I will assume he's there to kill me, and I will act accordingly.

Thanks for the excellent write-up.

Larry said...

Thanks for your continued patronage HPJ!

Mike Mendez said...

Good article shipmate.
I believe that Ted Nugent (yes, the rocker) has it absolutely correct.

Larry said...

Ted certainly has a way with words, doesn't he?
Good to see you well shipmate, thanks for dropping by!