21 March 2011

A Failure To Communicate

Remember when I said if I wanted a Congresscritter to take my money and otherwise ignore me I already had that?

Looks like I still do.


Human Person Junior, Jr. said...

I've wondered from time to time about Ms Ellmers, and just how good a rep she might be.

I think that, had I lived in that district, I would've supported anyone over Bully-Boy-Bob Etheridge. Hell, I can see me now, with a Satan for Congress sign in my front yard, subhead reading "Hey, he's not Bob!"

She doesn't speak well, I noticed. Saw her on Anderson Cooperdude's show, and she seemed mentally, ummm, mediocre.

Larry said...

"She's not Bob" was her main (and so far only) selling point.
That's not really fair, according to her campaign page she's for things like the Fair Tax, and at least it is hoped she would vote the right way most of the time.
But it is once more time for bold colors, not pastels. It seems she's more pastel.
Thanks for dropping by HPJ!

cary said...

Sorry to hear that, Larry.

On the other hand, I'm not one to speak (McCain? heck, we've been TRYING to get rid of him for some time now...).

Larry said...

I guess I can console myself by saying she's not likely to assault any reporters on the streets of Washington DC.
Thanks for dropping by Cary!