02 September 2011

A Few Simple Things

Last night was grill night, burgers first and then ribs. The ribs get better with each attempt and last night they were absolutely perfect.

I was going to try Brigid's bacon coleslaw on the burgers, but when I got everything together I discovered that Youngest Son had depleted the bacon supply. How embarrassing, running out of bacon??? Inconceivable!

The next pack of bacon is getting frozen so that it will be there when I want it.

Today is an open-carry day, I have a luncheon with Triangle Open Carry. This will be my third such event, I can't yet say that I am entirely comfortable with open carry but so far it hasn't been any trouble at all. Unlike this guy, who's plight reminds us that if the law is on the books you can be charged with it (the law in question is "going armed to the terror of the public" which I have been assured would never be used unless you are waving the gun around and generally acting like a jackass, which so far it doesn't look like this guy was doing).

Last but not least, I just got my email from Brownells letting me know that my ammo can with 420 rounds of .223 ammo is on it's way. So, I took an inventory:

1723 rounds of 7.62x54R, 1320 of it still in the big green cans
746 rounds of .45 ACP FMJ target loads and another 34 hollowpoints
400+ rounds of .22LR (I didn't count it all but I have most of a 525 round box left)
85 rounds of 12ga #8 shot, 29 rounds of #7 1/2, and 10 rounds of #00 buckshot
10 rounds of 129gr and 10 rounds of 140gr 6.5x50mm Japanese
258 268 rounds of .223 plus the 420 on the way. (Just found another ten rounds)

This doesn't include anything I have loaded, of course. That should do me for a while.

Well, I'm off to lunch. Everyone have a great day!


Brigid said...

ahhh bacon. I ran out as well. Went to the store for that, some drain cleaner (the long red hair clogs the shower drain) and some Jameson. In IND they card under age 40. When I buy alcohol it's usually on my way home from work when I look to be 116 so I only get carded about half the time. Saturday morning she carded me. I was like "what".

She looked at the license, looked REALLY closely at my face, then at the license again. She then said "you do NOT look fifty (mumble mumbe). NO WAY!" I looked down at my supplies and winked and said. "the secret? bacon and whisky, oh and drain cleaner".

You'll like the coleslaw. Have a great Labor Day weekend Larry.

Larry said...

I don't have a taste for scotch, but I can't recall ever trying the Irish whiskey. Maybe I'll have to give it a shot.
They card me every. single. time. Must be all the gray in my beard, I think it's due to clean living. ;)
I haz baconz, I'll try the coleslaw next time around. You have a great weekend, too, and thanks for dropping by!