28 September 2011


The grip is here and the conversion is complete!

I think it turned out pretty well.

Parts used for 922r compliance: Tapco trigger group (3 parts), buttstock and pistol grip, and a Leapers UTG quad rail system (foregrip).

That gives me six of fifteen (I don't have a muzzle attachment) US made parts, and if I throw in the Surefire US made magazine bodies, followers and floorplates I have nine.

That means I am in compliance no matter which magazine I use, which was the purpose of this operation from the start.

I'm happy with it.

UPDATE: Range time has been scheduled. I can't wait to try it out.


James said...

Cool! Now all you need to do is run a few mags through it for a function test. I know a place...

Larry said...

I'll bet you do.

Next weekend?

Thanks for dropping by James!