13 October 2011

A Day At The Range

Any day spent making noise and smoke is, by definition, a good one.

The Saiga conversion works wonderfully, and the rifle has been sighted in again.  I really didn't notice much difference in the fun quotient, shooting it was always a blast but the trigger conversion seems to make mag swaps faster.  I was worried the bolt hold-back lever would interfere with the trigger finger, but I trimmed it off as per the instructions before I put it back in and I never even noticed it.

The Arisaka has been sighted in for azimuth and I think I have figured in the right amount of Tennessee elevation to at least get all the holes on the paper. I love this little rifle and I'm looking forward to shooting it - badly, most likely - in the Vintage Military Bolt Action Rifle events.  The down side is that it is so expensive to feed.

The Mosin shoots right in the middle where it should be.  The gel buttstock pad has tamed the kick down magnificently, and after 25 rounds fired I did not feel like stabbing Nazis. In fact, the shoulder does not hurt at all.  I highly recommend the Shooterpad gel filled recoil pads.  I ended up not having to adjust the sights at all, I was worried that I had moved the front sight but that wasn't the case. I'm going to be shooting this one in the VMBAR events as well. Likewise as badly, I'm sure.

And finally, I have figured out the issues I was having with shooting the Glock, and after putting almost a hundred rounds through it today I have a large sized hole in the middle of the target right where it should be. I'm really looking forward to this class next weekend, I'm thinking I'll learn a lot and my shooting will improve dramatically as a result of it.

The only two bad things that happened today is I left the Mosin's cleaning rod at the range and when cleaning the guns before putting them away I knocked an almost full bottle of Hoppes #9 on the floor.

The good news is the cleaning rods are readily available so if I can't retrieve the one I left at the range it won't take much to get another one, and now my kitchen revels in the perfume that is Hoppes #9.

UPDATE: My range partner picked up the cleaning rod for me so I don't have to order another one. Whew!

Hey, I got to go shooting today. Nothing bad can happen the rest of the day!


Da Curly Wolf said...

you read MHI, right? I want The Abomination. OMG the fun I could have! *grin*

Da Curly Wolf said...

did my changing my own background, inspire you to change the picture on the title head?

Larry said...

No, I was just sitting around one day looking through all the pics I've gathered and thought that some of them might look nice as header pics. Some I've taken and some I've swiped online, credits given where they were listed on the pics. I cropped them and shrunk them down and I'll be cycling them through every month or so.
I still like my redhead watching the ship, though. I have a particular weakness for redheads. They are my Kryptonite. One of them might be the death of me some day. You will be able to tell if that is the case because I'll have a grin that the mortician won't be able to scrape off.
Instead of saying "He looks so peaceful!" they'll be saying "Well, it looks like HE had a good time!" That's the goal anyway.
Thanks for dropping by CW!

Larry said...

And MHI is a favorite, but I haven't read a Correia book yet that I haven't liked. I'm a total fanboi.
I have the Saiga in .223, not the shotgun. The Saiga-12 with trigger conversion would be awesome...

"How many gun laws does this break?"

"All of them."

cmblake6 said...

Did you check out what I wrote about the Lone Star Saiga 12? Ooooo! As for pistolen, the one about the Uni200L?

Larry said...

I'm sure I did, but I don't remember specifics. I'll have to go search through your archives.
Thanks for dropping by cm!