29 October 2011


Laptops are so nice. I can lay in bed with my laptop and surf to my heart's content.

Grandma-in-law is up from Florida for her chance to spoil Grandson. Too bad the weather is not cooperating, Thursday was warm and sunny and 78 but when she showed up Friday a cold front had begun it's approach. Wet and cold, high of 54, expected to be that way through the weekend until she leaves.

Time to get up I suppose, do my dry-fire exercises and get something going for breakfast.


Da Curly Wolf said...

Larry..you REALLY need to crockpot some chili.

Larry said...

I really do, it's getting to be that time of year. Just not for breakfast - or at least, not by itself.
Thanks for dropping by CW!

Da Curly Wolf said...

As for dropping by. I read every post..even if I don't always comment. As for the chili. Well why NOT chili for breakfast? I had dirty rice and beans for breakfast. When I make it, I do sometimes have chili for breakfast. if it's actually cold out...nothing better to start the fires burning in your belly to warm ya through the morning.

Larry said...

It's just what the fires do in the afternoon that concerns me. ;)
And I always thank my commenters, it's good to see the interest.