14 October 2011

Don't Let The Weatherman Shine Your Shoes

Because apparently he doesn't know sh!t from shoe polish.

All week long I've heard about how the clouds and precipitation were going to clear out overnight Thursday and Friday was going to dawn bright and clear and the temperature was going to climb to near 80.

Right now the sky is overcast and drizzly and they have modified their high temperature prediction in the last 12 hours to mid 70's.

And then they wonder why the unwashed masses have doubts that the world will be destroyed by the onslaught of global warming cooling climate change.


cmblake6 said...

So, yeah. The planet is warming, cooling, drying, wetting, in other words, continuing on as it always has.

And they know squat.

Larry said...

Same as it ever was.
Thanks for dropping by cm!