04 February 2012

Dear Spammers

No, I'm not interested in Newport cigarettes, or any other kind either. No I don't care about their history. Die in a fire.

This is one of the reasons my comments are moderated.


Da Curly Wolf said...

the ones I love are the supposed girls looking for love who can't type proper english or use proper grammar. I got one of those for the first time in a long while, delivered to one of my email accounts that damn near NO ONE has. about5 people I think. Oh wait...it's the one I use as a reply to me at, when I contact my 2 senators and my representative. Mystery fucking solved...*facepalm* duuuhhhh
Posted the whole thing to my face book and said...feel free to have fun playing "bait the spammer" friends. knock yourselves out.

Larry said...

So far there have been two dirty dirty spammers, one left two comments on one post and one left two comments on another. Neither were approved, of course, but if you go through all the trouble of creating a Blogger profile just so that you can spam other blogs comments you've gone just a bit too far.
Too bad there isn't a "take off and nuke them from orbit" button...
Thanks for dropping by CW!

Home on the Range said...

There was one fellow that had a legitimate blog, it was really nothing but ads and links to things that might make him money but it was G rated, and he put a little bit of effort into it. But I got real tired of all the comments on the popular posts that indicated he'd not even read them, general stuff such as "Great Post, good info, shared links?". On every post. I could have posted a dog turd with no words and I would have got "great post, good info, shared links?" He eventually gave up.

P.S. I like your new mustang header. (mustang headers? :-)

Larry said...

The two spammers I've had each had a blog or two (one of them had six!) but they were nothing but advertisements. I don't even get a "great post" all I get is an advertisement!
The header was from the dyno day last year, I have a couple from the Tail of the Dragon that will be making the rotation as well. I think my favorite is still the sailing ship.
Thanks for dropping by Brigid, glad your knee is feeling better.

MSgt B said...

I feel kind of left out. The only spam I've gotten is written entirely in Kanji.

There could be a Chinese woman out there who's madly in love with me.

Larry said...

Or maybe trying to sell you colorful things painted with lead-based paints.

Thanks for dropping by MSgtB!