26 February 2012


As I was scrolling through my regular blog-roll read to see what was new I saw that I have fallen victim to been invited to play the newest gun-blog game.

I think it got it's start here, JayG made it viral, and A Girl has infected me with it given me the chance to play.

So here's how it works:

 "I will write down 5 things that indicate, to me, that a gun owner or shooter maybe is an honest one; I say 'maybe' because I have known some seemingly honest gun owners to tell some really tall tales. Then I will tag 5 other gun owners who are also bloggers and I hope each will play along, each listing, in their blogs, at least 3 things that are indicative a gun owner is an honest one, then sending the challenge of this meme on to 5 other gun owner who are also bloggers."

(I find it interesting that the 3 has not been changed to a 5 yet, but there it is.)

So here goes:

1. They are always willing to learn things they don't know, even from a newby.

2. They are always willing to pass along things that they do know.

3. They won't make fun of you for the things you don't know.

4. They won't put an overpowered firearm in the hands of an inexperienced shooter for amusement (check out YouTube, some of these guys need a good beating).

5. They always make sure the wounds are superficial before they laugh their asses off at you for being an idiot.

And for the next five victims players, I nominate:

1 Grumpy Bastige, because it's all his fault that I'm into shooting to begin with (and for number 5, but we don't have to get into that)

2. Sean, because he perpetuated the madness, and because if you aren't reading his blog you are missing out

3. cmblake6, just to see if he will play

4. Jennifer, cause she's so darn awesome (and to return the favor)

5. Brigid, because it is better to live with scars than regrets.  Oops, MSgtB already tagged her. Looks like he got all of the Indy girls. Oh well, let's see then...

5. Erin, cause she did such a good job of taking this guy to the woodshed. (Do goths have woodsheds? I'll have to ask...) And because she shoots a Mosin, which is always cool.

So there it is, thanks A Girl for your continued patronage!


agirlandhergun said...

Your welcome:)

Larry said...

Thanks for dropping by AGirl!