02 February 2012

The Difference

between me and Robb Allen is when I post a list of guns I want I get very little interest, and when he posts a list of only 5 that he wants he creates an internet meme.


Bet he gets more trolls than I do. Although I have gotten two spam comments of my very own lately.


Matt said...

Did you ever get your .357 Blackhawk ?

I almost bought one used last year.

Larry said...

Not yet, it looks like my next bangy purchase will be a Glock 19. I want something that 1) feels like my G36, 2) is less expensive to feed, and 3) my daughter can take her CC class with (and probably carry until she can get her own).
One of these days...one of these days...
Thanks for dropping by Matt!

Angus McThag said...

Shall I lord my .357 Blackhawk ownership over you?

We have to ride on Robb's coat tails, we're the gutter trash gun bloggers.

Besides, he drives a Volkswagen. It's one thing to be secure in your manhood, but a VW?

Larry said...

I bow to your Blackhawk ownership - for now. But one of these days McThag, one of these days!

It's nice to see I'm not the Only One blogging from the trailer park of the Intertubies.

And at least it isn't a Prius.

Thanks for dropping by!