12 February 2012

Guns I Want, Latest Addition

Brand spanking new M1 carbine from Auto Ordnance!  Less than seven bills!


This one goes on the same line as the M1 Garand or M1A/M14; any (or all!) of the three would suffice.

UPDATE: After looking a little deeper I am going to have to remove this one from the list. I thought it was chambered in the same 30-06 round as the M1/M1A, however it is not. I already have one rifle that I can't just walk into my local gunshop and buy ammo for, no need to have another. It's still a nice looking gun, though.


Stephen said...

Guns, addictive aren't they..

Angus McThag said...

Reviews from a couple years ago weren't encouraging. Auto Ordnance apparently had a lot to learn about making them.

It's been a while, perhaps they've climbed the learning curve some.

It would be prudent to learn if they had before getting too excited about them, no?

Larry said...

Truthfully I had not read many reviews, but it is somewhat amusing that they had a lot to learn since they were one of the original manufacturers. Given the gap in manufacture, however, it is not really all that surprising. I doubt that Chevrolet would be as good at making the '57 Bel Air as they once were.
M1 carbine is more important than Auto Ordnance, I just found it interesting that they were being manufactured again.
Thanks for dropping by McThag!

Larry said...

Stephen, yes they are! Thanks for dropping by!