03 March 2012


If this Moron ends up needing a job because of this incident, someone should snap him up immediately.


Da Curly Wolf said...

Absolutely! I gotta put that one on facebook. Going to piss off my few liberal friends probably but..*shrug* oh well

Quizikle said...

We celebrate everyone equally ... some more equally than others.

Sometimes I wonder about Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon.

Don't see any difference between them and what we have now ... except instead of seeing red, we're being red.

Makes my early elementary education worthless ... and likely to get me sent to a re-indoctrination camp (still wondering about the FEMA reservations?).


Larry said...

CW, that's why you have liberal friends...so you can piss them off. ;)

Q, see you at the camps...not that we will recognize each other after the brain wipes...

Thanks for dropping by!

Blue said...

Excellent find. :)

Larry said...

D'oh! I accidentally deleted your comment CW. For the record, here it is:

Fredrick Douglass said it best..he who seeks to put a chain about my ankle will most assuredly find the other end of that chain clamped about his own throat.

Most assuredly. Thanks for dropping by!

Larry said...

Blue, good things can be said about being a Moron I guess. ;)
Thanks for dropping by!