04 March 2012


The lovely and talented Ms X has had a bit of a tiff with He Who Named The Blogosphere over the meaning of the word "civility" and all of it's varied and sundry effects.

I won't go into the details here, the links are there for your perusal if you have to know all the gory points and counterpoints. My point is that I have occasionally had an unkind word or two regarding certain members of the species, and Roberta's observations gives me a summat uncomfortable feeling round about the collar area over it.

We've heard all about the only thing necessary for evil to triumph and looking into abysses, but for all of the words we hear and read the lure of the abyss is certainly tempting once in a while. Observing rule number four, rhetoric and hyperbole are wonderful tools to use in the justification of cattle cars and large smoky bonfires but it also serves to obscure the real target somewhat.

In short, it's not the people that are the root of the problem it's the philosophy. And when your philosophy dictates that I can be killed at random because mine doesn't perzachary line up with yours we are going to have...issues.  Doesn't matter where you hail from, where you live now or how many bullets you have in your phallus comparison collection, when we forget that "the other" is also a human being with his or her own thoughts, ideas and dreams we start the wander down a path that's best left to the brambles.

Shame that Bill doesn't see that.


Roberta X said...


I liiiiike you!

Larry said...

Aw, thanks. :)

And thanks for dropping by!

kfg said...

Civility: That art of living in large numbers, in close proximity, sharing a permanent settlement without resorting to killing each other.

Larry said...

Indeed kfg, and good thing for the species we manage to get it right more often than wrong...but when we get it wrong it generally ends spectacularly badly.
Thanks for dropping by!