24 April 2012

As It Turns Out

the Mustang's powertrain warranty is 5 years and 60K miles. Good thing I was planning on doing the suspension work first.

Any bets on what is going to run out first?


FORGER said...

My '07 Pony Pack is @ appx. 35.6K, the last 1500 or so being put on by me, but the way you go hither, dither and yon...

Yer gonna run outta miles first.

The Ol' Lady already has 32K on the '11 Camry SE she got last May... She got a deal where she was supposed to get a coupla/three years of oil changes and tire rotations fer free.

Them's done gone..

Larry said...

I think the miles are going to run out as well. I bought the service warranty, 2 years of paid-for maintenance, that's running out soon as well. I might...MIGHT...get one more oil change out of them, but probably not.
Thanks for dropping by Forger!