01 April 2012

Oh Lord

Now I just gotta get that Glock 19 so I can get one of these for it.

Don't blame me. I got it from Tim Ellwood's comment at Tam's.

And on that note...Happy April Fool's Day!


Michael said...

Dude! Do they make this for the Tokarev M213? 'cause I'm all in if they do.

My 9mm is a Chinese copy of a Soviet design that they ripped off from John Moses Browning (PBUH). When your starting point is a Tokarev, any accessory is an improvement, even if it's an imaginary one.

All kidding aside, the Tokarev has been a solid performer; it's not fancy (the non-functioning "Safety" was added so they could be imported into the United States) and it's definitely "rough" as far as fit and finish goes...but what do you expect for $89? (in 1993-ish dollars). It's the kind of side arm that you wouldn't hesitate about throwing it at someone if you were out of ammo...

Larry said...

Fortunately for you they are only made for the Glocks or the M1911 clones. All others get to keep whatever dignity they have.

Thanks for dropping by Michael!