05 April 2012

More Of The Same

Underlying damage behind the bumper cover, more $$$ for me to pay out in repairs, oh yay. It is all done, the body shop is buffing and polishing and cleaning today and the pony should be ready for pick up tomorrow. I went by and had a look at it this morning and the work, as expected, is excellent.

I had my session in Doctor Jekyll's Little Shop of Horrors (otherwise known as the periodontist) for a deep, deep, deep cleaning. Now that the local is starting to wear off the ache is setting in and I'm spitting up enough blood to make me think I've opened an artery or something. I'm told it will be better tomorrow but I'm anticipating a pleasant evening. Topical rinse and antibiotics will be the order of the day for the next couple of weeks, at which point my pearly whites should be reverting to their previous solid-in-sockets state.

Rain tonight into tomorrow, but by tomorrow evening the rain should scamper off to the east over the Atlantic and trouble us no more. Cool tomorrow, but mid to upper 60's for Saturdays meet and greet with the Forum folks.  Drop on by if you are in the area.

And that's it for today folks. I'm off to self-medicate.


MSgt B said...

Rinse liberally with Bourbon.


Larry said...

I like the way you think...

Thanks for dropping by!

NavyOne said...

Cars ain't cheap. You can do what the MSgt recommends or you can win the lottery. If you want.

Larry said...

That's a fact NavyOne, especially if they are "hobby" cars like this one. I'm about out of warranty, so now it's MOD TIME!!!

Thanks for dropping by!