30 April 2012

Mustangs on the Mountain - The Follow-Up

We have seen the Dragon, and it is ours.

Or at least, we lived through it.

52 cars at the dam for the fundraising raffle, 23 cars on the Dragon afterwards, eight of us early Sunday morning, and $3939.45 a little over $4000 raised for the Wounded Warrior Project (we had some last-minute donations).

On a related note, I really want a GoPro now, as well as a good digital video camera (mine uses cassette tapes that are getting hard to find).


agirlandhergun said...

Very cool! That is a good chunk of change raised!

Larry said...

We had a pretty good day AGirl, thanks for dropping by!

Quizikle said...

IT guy at work has GoPro. Loves it.

He also finds it handy in accident/police encounters. (he's one of the "good" guys)

Larry said...

I can't help but wonder just how many accidents/police encounters he has to find it so handy...

Thanks for dropping by Q!