26 October 2012


The 6.5 grain load felt to be the best. I had a bit of an issue with FTL/FTE but that was easily traced to the brass, the ones that failed to load properly also failed to eject properly. Hopefully another round through the resizing dies will correct the issue, if not I will bring a marker to the range next time and dispose of those pieces of brass.

The Arisaka is 4" high at 25 yards and 8" high at 100 yards. Azimuth is mostly OK, but I found the sights move too easily so I have to find a way to stake them back down. I was shooting factory loads so now I have more brass to reload. I have to check my inventory, I think I have some bullets. I also scored a couple of 50 rd cartridge boxes so I don't have to worry about the Styrofoam breaking down in the PCI boxes.

The new holster was poking a bit, but I found the issue and corrected it. This corner was digging in so I took a pair of clippers and rounded it off. After that no more digging, and it is as comfortable to wear as I hoped it would be.

150 rounds through the Glock, another 20 through the Arisaka and a chance to put some top-down miles on the Mustang before Sandy came to town, topped off by hamburgers on the grille.

I don't know if your day was as good as mine, but I hope it was a good one for you anyway.

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