11 October 2012

CSM Plumley


Fair winds and following seas Command Sergeant Major.


Stephen said...

He was a hell of a man.

Larry said...

He was indeed.

Thanks for dropping by Stephen.

RabidAlien said...

Would have loved to have met him. He had a career that most action movie writers couldn't even dream of in their wildest wet-dreams, but thought nothing more of his actions/exploits than someone would think of making another trip to the copier.

Larry said...

That is the mark of such men RA, they believe they have done nothing special, certainly nothing to warrant any attention, and are somewhat embarrassed when someone makes an issue of their accomplishments. It's just what they had to do at the time, so they did it.

Now they will tell you stories all day long, but hero? Nah, that's someone else.

I have been privileged to meet several such people.

Thanks for dropping by.