10 October 2012


I'm usually unreasonably healthy. I can count the number of times I've gone home early on one hand. Four, and that includes the time I got sent to my rack with my eyes crossed after bashing my nugget against the sharp underside of an F/A-18 flap by way of the sickbay where I got seven souvenir staples.

On the way in today I had a bit of a headache so I popped a couple of Excedrin and went on my way. By first break someone had left the water running in my nose so I had a Zicam to go along with my soda. Another at lunch, and by last break someone had a tie-down strap around my skull and they were ratcheting it down one click at a time, there was a balloon in one nostril and an icepick in the other, and every once in a while they swapped places. To add to the misery Mister Balloon turned the water on in the side he was in and left it running until he left.

I called it quits and turned it over to my Sith apprentice at a half past five, by six AM it was readily apparent that it was the smart thing to do going by my decreasing depth perception and attention span. I'm off to self-medicate a bit and take a little nap now, good thing this was the last day of the week so I have time to recover.

And while I'm on the subject, you folks really need to get jobs where you can go to work at a decent hour when it's light outside, and does it really take three hours these days to get the kids to school? Oh, and Mister Garbageman, a bit of light or at least some reflectors on that dark jacket you're wearing wouldn't be a bad idea. Just sayin'.

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