25 October 2012

The Fugly Has Landed

A few months ago I ordered one of these from Dragon Leatherworks, and without warning or fanfare it arrived today. Of course I could not wait to tear into the box and see what was there.

First impressions: it is a handsomely made all-leather holster that fits the gun like a glove...as expected.  I ordered mine without fancy adornments since it is, after all, a concealed carry holster.

You can, however, order it in several different colors and you can order the body panel (the part that is plain leather) in a different color than the holster
body (the part that is black).

The holster is designed to go in the five o'clock position but I don't really like to carry there - I find it uncomfortable and burdensome to draw from that far around my overly ample belt-line. Fortunately I was able to reverse the belt in the loops and put it at my three o'clock where I normally wear it without any problems.

This holster carries a bit higher than my Galco Stow n' Go, which in turn carried a bit higher than the Galco Tuck n' Go, so once again there will be a bit
of a learning curve as I get used to it. 

I am also going to have to get used to the body panel, it is the first holster I have had that has one. I like it because it keeps the gun from digging into my side, but it makes it a bit difficult to get my thumb to the inside of the grip.

I will be using the Galco whenever I need to be able to take the holster off (for example, if I am driving somewhere that I can't have the gun such as a restaurant that serves alcohol) since I don't like handling the gun with the trigger guard uncovered but I am planning on using the Fugly as my everyday carry holster.

It will get its first test this afternoon at the range. I'll let you know how it goes.

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