27 October 2012

How Cool Is This

When Middle Daughter showed an interest in learning to shoot the first thing I did was buy her a copy of this book.

When we went to the range I called Range Partner and he brought his collection so that we would have a variety for her to try out, starting with the .22 High Standard. I want her to enjoy just shooting as much as I do regardless of whether she ever carries for personal protection, and going by the range day I think that mission was pretty well accomplished.

The author of the referenced book now has a website. If you have a lady in your life that you would like to introduce to shooting I highly recommend both book and website.

Also fellas, read it (book, website or both) yourself. It could prevent you from making some pretty basic and stupid mistakes when it comes to teaching your ladies how to shoot.  Including maybe making the decision to let someone else do it.

NOTE: Check out her link for TTAG. It's not what you think. Or at least it wasn't what I thought. Well done!


RabidAlien said...

A good friend and fellow blogger sent my wife a copy of the book. Kathy's site was the first blog/gun-site we ever bookmarked when we first got started shooting, and I still refer people to it! And now that she's got a blog, I've got the blog bookmarked! Suck it up, guys, we can all learn a lot from that woman!

Larry said...

Yes we certainly can. Thanks for dropping by RA!