13 December 2012

End Of An Era

TDP is gone.

Middle Daughter, who inherited the car after I got my new ones, finally got tired of trying to fix it. What finally laid it low was a check engine light that no one could properly diagnose; it has to be out to pass inspection and after throwing several parts at it the light was still on. This after a bottom end job and a transmission solenoid to fix up the lockup converter that wouldn't unlock, a common problem with the TH125 transmission.

The junk man came and got it Tuesday and the plates got turned in today. I dropped the insurance on it this afternoon. Whoever picks over its bones will get a good engine (the only thing that hasn't been touched is the rings, but the compression was good after the head work) and transmission, but the rest of it was crap.

I had a dream that included me sitting on a cooler drinking beer and laughing like a madman as they fed that car into a shredder and made blue confetti out of it. Unfortunately the place that got it doesn't have a shredder, so it remains only a dream. A good dream, but a dream nonetheless.

Laura loved that little car, and it was good for her for a long time. Rust in peace TDP.


MSgt B said...

A moment of silence.

Larry said...


(it really was a POS)

Thanks for dropping by MSgt B!