21 December 2012

Something I've Learned

about the "international community" following the travesty in Connecticut - they understand as much about us as we do about them.To hear them talk they are experts on America and Americans,and yet they come up with things like this.

I have a feeling that since the media vacuum chamber here in the US wants desperately to be like quasi-socialist Europe the rest of the media world-wide (birds of a feather, doncha know) assumes that is the way we all think, and of course just like our own home-grown lefties they are constantly amazed at the opposition of red-state America to further impingements on our Constitutional freedoms.*

But what do I know, I'm just bitterly clinging to guns and God over here.

HT: Sean at An NC Gun Blog and Grass Roots North Carolina

*Apparently the term I was looking for is administrative control bias. Thanks Kevin!


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks for the link.

It's always strange to see the world through the eyes of people who don't think like you at all. It's like they are speaking an entirely different language.

Larry said...

That's why our "conversations" inevitably fail...our words have different meanings.
Thanks for dropping by Sean!

Kevin said...

You're quite welcome!

Larry said...

And thanks for dropping by!