14 December 2012

The Droid I Wasn't Looking For

I'm getting a little tired of Youngest Boy's little girly friend calling me when I'm at work. She is supposed to know better, but brainless is another word for teenage girls.

I decided it was time for Boy to have his own phone, so I dropped by the phone store to add another line and a cheapo flip type phone. I was told that the flip phones are more expensive than the smart phones, so shouldn't I just get him a smart phone instead?

Him, have a fancier phone than me? Hells no!

So I got me one instead and Boy will get my old flip phone. Yes ladies and germs, I have finally been dragged into the 21st century. I now have enough computing power at my fingertips that, if I had a Saturn rocket and a three man crew, I could put a man on the moon. Come to think of it, there's probably an app for that...

This necessitated a complete change in my plan (of course it did) since I was grandfathered in on a Cellphone Provider A plan, and since Provider A has now been assimilated into the Provider V collective I could not fundamentally change it...such as adding a new line...and instead I would have to convert to a Provider V plan. This was not all bad, and in fact will actually save me a few sheckels even with the new phone line added.

Funny little side note, once upon a time I was with Provider V, but then one stormy Christmas eve they lost a tower and decided they wouldn't be replacing it. That meant to get a clear signal I had to go outside.  I raised hell with them and got the (newly signed) plan canceled free of charge since they weren't providing the service I had paid for and went to Provider A.  Later on Provider V bought out Provider A, and since Provider A had a nifty tower right there I can now make phone calls inside again with Provider V. Talk about the long way around. Can you hear me NOW???

So now I have a new phone that doesn't go nearly as far on a charge as my old phone, so it will be spending a lot of time hooked up to an electrical wire of some sort, but will do all sorts of magic elf box thingies as well as actually make a phone call (including GPS navigation, which was an option I deliberately did not get on the Mustang because luddite, but it looks like I have it now anyway). But, since Boy will not be getting his phone until after the Mayan apocalypse has passed and Christmas has come, I have yet to receive a phone call on my new phone.

Boy has received four.

Which is why I got the new phone in the first damn place...


Robert Fowler said...

I call mine my "smarter than me phone".

Larry said...

It certainly is that. It is also horrible for blogging, good thing I didn't get it for that. It is kind of handy being able to throw something up on the spur of the moment though.

Thanks for dropping by Robert!