27 January 2013

A Couple Of More Things

The storm came and went and left us no worse than we were. It got pretty slippery Friday night, but since I didn't have to go out in it I didn't. I stayed in with a nice warm fire and took the Samuel Adams Hop Tour.

Daughter had to work and Son In Law took her in the sure-footed Subaru since she still can't drive a stick. Out and back, no issues, out and back again, he said it was a bit slick coming into the driveway since our road isn't county-maintained (and if it were it would have been low enough on the totem pole that nothing would have been done with it anyway) but otherwise it wasn't too bad.

Saturday Youngest Son and I went out to an open carry lunch. There were seven or eight cars on the sides of the road (I say seven, Youngest Son says he saw eight), some of them having been deposited there more forcefully than others. Apparently some drivers didn't find the roads as accomodating as Son In Law did, even though all the cars we saw were on the major roads.

After the lunch we dropped by to see my former co-worker. He left us several months ago to pursue his own business and is doing well with it, which is good. We talked for a few hours and when the sun started sinking low we headed for home. By then the roads were mostly dry, even the ones by the house.

Last night I put in another roast to shred and then went out at about 3:30 AM to get hamburger buns. It was foggy, but when I got to Wake Forest the fog was freezing in the air, turning into what for all the world looked like snowflakes in a clear sky but acted like fog. It was interesting, the air shimmered like glitter. I had never seen anything like it before. When I went back home it turned back into fog.

Back to work today, tomorrow I have to follow up with the shopping center for our car show. They were supposed to have sent me something but I haven't seen it yet, so I will get up early and give them a call about it. April is right around the corner, October seems as if it is barely gone, I'm sick of car shows already before I've even attended one this year and I've already promised myself I won't be doing this again.

Everyone have a great week!


A Girl and Her Gun said...

Time with family is always good(even when it isn't)

Larry said...


Thanks for dropping by AGirl!

RabidAlien said...

Driving a stick is a lost art, one that I still firmly believe all drivers should know how to do. It was a sad-ish day when we traded in my wife's old Volkswagon GTI (I'll miss the stick, but not the myriad of problems that plagued the POS) with its stickshift, we're now a fully automatic family.

Larry said...

Certainly a dying art, but not completely lost yet. I've taught my niece how to drive a stick in the scooby, I just haven't had the time with daughter yet.

The Mustang is an auto, but it's a "put the top down and cruise" car. If I'd wanted a Camaro hunter I'd have got the stick and the Brembo brakes on a coupe instead.

Thanks for dropping by!