25 January 2013

A Couple Of Things

Work last night, off tonight, so I'm doing a bit of catching up.

Last Friday I took Boy skating (that is to say, he skated and I provided the transportation), and while I was pecking on the laptop some woman and her daughter asked if they could leave their drinks on my table so the staff wouldn't clean them up while they went skating. I saw no problem with that, but now Boy is telling everyone about Dad's new girlfriend. Sad to say, I don't even remember her name. Not an auspicious start, that.

Apparently, according to the Most Holy Order of the Higher-Up Muckety-Mucks, we had an exceptional quarter so there will be bonuses. Maybe I'll be able to put a full tank of gas in the car, or purchase some reloading supplies if any can be found. Something explosive at any rate, I certainly wouldn't want it to go to waste. I made the tactical error of saying something about it to my new Sith apprentice (he started on the night shift this month, and WTF is up with this, the Jedi apprentices get a cool name like Padawan and ours get nothing? Who makes these rules anyway?), who being a temp doesn't get the bonus. Oops.

Happy Birthday to The Mistress of the Snark and John Moses Browning (there is one caliber, .45 ACP, and John  Moses Browning is it's prophet, PBUH). A day late (two in JMB's case) but we're sort of out of the way here at the backside of nowhere.

I was supposed to get some range time in this weekend, but weather and (mostly) worker exploitation (of my range partner, AKA he who has the gun club membership) got in the way. Eh, it was going to be cold anyway*, and I have an open carry dinner to go to instead. Drop in if you're in the area, McCalls has good grub and the company is always welcome.

Tis the season (if there isn't one there should be) to give the gift of life. I'm an O negative myself, meaning when I was still USN-AD I was part of the walking blood bank because I'm a universal donor. Of course if I ever need the red stuff I'm SOL if they ain't got my type. Lucky me. Fortunately I don't have the problems that some do about giving blood, even though I, too, am rather needle-adverse. I wouldn't be a good diabetic or junkie I guess. Where I work makes this easy, they have the ARC van come by at least twice a year.

Lucky Gunner did a piece on steel vs brass cases using .223 ammo. I encourage anyone who has ever wondered how much difference it really makes to drop on by and have a look. I prefer brass myself since you can't reload steel, but with 36,000 rounds expended you can't say they didn't do their homework. Please do note, I'm not an official Lucky Gunner correspondent but it is a rather interesting piece. (I'm guessing they did this test before .223 became so hard to come by, as of right now they have none in stock.)

To sleep, perchance to dream. I have to be up early and get my supplies laid in before the big one hits. We're expecting sleet and freezing rain, but with the way these idiots drive when it's JUST rain I surely don't want to be out in it with them. Looks like the bulk of the bad weather will be up in MSgt B territory, but by the time it gets going real good I plan to have a nice fire going and a good book on my lap.

Stay warm and safe if you are in the eye of the storm. I'm looking at the three of youse.

*I've had a heart-to-heart with the lowlife scum sucking maggots here and they have agreed to only attack me when its sunny and warm. They have further agreed only to come at me with the sun in their eyes and to stand perfectly still whilst I draw and aim at them. They're really an agreeable lot, once you get to know them.**

**I'm trusting that my readership understands that I'm completely full of it here.


Robert Fowler said...

I've got a gun show this weekend. Should be rather interesting after Obama run his face about want to ban things.

Larry said...

Hopefully your experience doesn't mirror my own. Expect prices to be at least 1.5 - 2x what they should be, maybe moe than that for magazines (they were going for 30-35 USD with occasional spikes to 60).

At least by the time the show rolls around the storm should have passed, and Iowa knows how to handle winter better than NC does. They certainly have more practice at it.

Thanks for dropping by!