12 August 2009

Absolute Power

Next time some jackass, be they from the left or from the right, says "If you aren't doing anything wrong you don't have anything to be afraid of" punch them right in their monkey faces. If they spout some blather about the "common good" or some such dogsqueeze as that, punch them twice. It's for the chiiiildrennnn!!!! (who will ultimately have to foot the bill for all of our current nonsense.)

This, boys and girls, is why we don't give government - ANY government, no matter who's running it - any more authority than they absolutely need to do their Constitutionally mandated jobs. Sooner or later if it has the potential to be abused, it will be. That is quite simply the nature of power.

For what it's worth, I thought the Patriot Act was a knee jerk response that wasn't well thought out and shouldn't have been passed. It was passed under the "do something even if it's wrong" mindset, and it was wrong and (as we are now seeing) eventually dangerous.

The ironical thing here is that the "good Liberal" people who were up in arms about BOOOOSH and the ReTHUGlican Congress illegally seizing power were right about the potential for abuse, but now that Obama and a Democratic controlled Congress are actually doing the abusing they are strangely silent.

The porkulous bill was right up there with the Patriot Act, and cap n' tax and the healthcare bill is right there as well. The problem is that once they are passed they are almost impossible to un-pass.

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Anniee451 said...


And a round of applause - yep, yep, yep and effing YEP. All of the above.

Larry said...

Or pay rent! is how my wife usually ends that statement with.

I caught all kinds of hell from conservatives when I said I didn't like the Patriot Act, way back when it was first passed. I wonder if any of them understand why now.

Thanks for dropping by Annie!

Larry said...

ack...is how my wife usually ends that statement(PERIOD)

My English teacher would be shaking her head right now.

Anniee451 said...

I remember knowing that leftists were worried about the totally wrong thing - yes, Bush was grabbing unconstitutional power but he wasn't using it on Americans and wasn't abusing it - but I knew there would come a day (and I wondered why he did not care about this) that a leftist would be in power and that they would indeed use it four-square against Americans. Power they shouldn't have is power they shouldn't have - for good reason. I thought Bush should really do something before he left office to reverse the overage of power he had taken but of course he didn't. Even Rush Limbaugh was reluctant to say anything when the Patriot Act was enacted - he had one brief segment asking if he had just perhaps seen the federal government grow (duh) and pondered whether that was perhaps not a positive thing (duh) and that was it. But I'm right there with you - I knew exactly why it was bad and I knew this day was coming. When someone would spit in our faces and say "Well I'm the PRESIDENT ptooey!" And here he is, and he's worse than any of us imagined.

Anniee451 said...

(How is your wonderful wife doing by the way?)

Larry said...

She is doing fine, thanks for asking.