03 August 2009

Birthday Presents

For my birthday (which was yesterday) Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority got me a Quote Of The Day!

Thanks Kevin, you shouldn't have!

For anyone following the link, have a look around and leave me a comment if you see something you like.

Thanks for dropping by!


Ken said...

Many happy returns!

Larry said...

Thanks Ken!

The BoBo said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Mine is in a couple of weeks. Sucks getting older. Guess we at least have the wise thing down right? :)

HEY! Just saw my verification word - ABORT - as a conservative - I take offense to that! LOL

See ya 'round

Larry said...

Thanks BoBo, getting older beats the alternative I guess.

Abort, that's what we should do with this healthcare BS.

Thanks for dropping by!