01 August 2009

Soldier's Suffrage

From Neptunus Lex:

An American Thinker article on the military and voting.

I might have mentioned this problem once or twice myself.

The problem is, you see, that the military vote is mostly by absentee ballots, which for a variety of reasons are not counted. A lot of them are disqualified on technical issues, but for those who pass the gauntlet most of them are not even opened.

The reason they aren't opened is that there usually aren't enough of them to sway the election one way or another, so there really isn't a reason to count them. (Sometimes even if there might be enough of them to sway the election they aren't counted either, usually at the insistence of one of the political parties involved, particularly if it's a recount in Florida or Minnesota. One wonders why.)

The article gives a few more reasons, all of them things that need to be addressed. Thanks for bringing the article to light, Lex.

While you are there, sign the petition.

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