05 July 2011

Cleaning Up

Yesterday as we drove home from the camping trip it rained on us. It rained into the night as well, so this morning we had a truck full of soaked camping gear.

We unpacked, unrolled and laid everything out to dry. I took the opportunity to repair the tent where one of the tie-down rings had torn out of the side (it was the third time the tent had ever been set up, and it's a Coleman tent). After an hour or so we flipped everything over to dry both sides. Lather, rinse, repeat.

After a few hours everything was dry, so we re-rolled, repacked and stowed everything in the shed for the next time. This took long enough that I was late getting ready for work.

As I was running around like a madman I couldn't help but remind myself that I only work three days this week and I took two of them off. Why I didn't take tonight off as well I will probably never know.

Tomorrow I get to take Eldest Son back to the doctor, he's still not feeling well, so the adventure continues.


Quizikle said...

Work is where you go to rest up from your vacation...

Larry said...

Maybe I should work the rest of the week, I need the rest...
Thanks for dropping by Q!