22 July 2011

Only The Good

I just got the word through a commenter on my last post, a comment that I did not publish because it deserves a post of its own.

Anniee451 who blogged at Purely Politics is gone.

I first "met" Anniee through the Rott, she followed the link on one of my comments and checked in on me from time to time. She was very supportive when Laura passed, as were all the Rotties. Although we never met face to face we had many pleasant email exchanges and we traded comments at each other's blog. Her last post was dated over a month ago.

I didn't really think much of her recent lack of posting, she would sometimes go months without writing anything and then all of a sudden make up for it with a flurry of activity. At one time her blog disappeared and I took her off the blogroll, only to add her back when it re-appeared just as suddenly and mysteriously as it had gone.

I am gratified to know that many (if not all) of my readers also checked in with her. The aforementioned unpublished comment included this tidbit from her: I looked at my stats, as I mentioned, but didn't notice that 90% of the readership I get is my friend Larry from "Last Refuge of a Scoundrel". It was my pleasure to host the link, and it will stay up and active for as long as Purely Politics stands.

I don't know what happened, what I do know is that she has left a huge gaping hole in the fabric of many lives. Rest in peace my friend, and may you find in Heaven anything that you lacked for in this life.

Thank you for telling me Stephen. I'm sorry you had to be the one.


Matt said...

Larry, I read this then jumped over and read Stephen's blog. I left a comment there and what I said to him goes for you also.

Larry said...

Thanks Matt.

Mike Mendez said...

I'm saddened to hear that such an active and sane voice is silenced.
Thanks for passing the word.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

LARRY, below is a copy of the comment I just left for you on my blog. I figured I might as well post it here also, to save you the trouble of heading back over to F-FFF for the answer. (I'm going to go directly from here to CMBLAKE6's site and post it there as well, since I saw that he too was enquiring about the cause of death):

I made no reference to cause of death in my tribute to Anniee because I do not know for a fact what happened. I can, however, give you my best guess: In a mid-May Email she wrote to me: “I spent 6 days being tortured by tests in the hospital when I first collapsed with the hypocalcemia … they never could find a cause. But they said it didn't much matter since the treatment was the same - keep taking the calcium.”

Hypocalcemia is a massive loss of calcium. The doctor(s) evidently had her on some prescription strength calcium but, as far as I know, the cause for the loss was never determined. According to my friend Br’er Marc, who is a professional nurse, if the calcium level drops too low, it can result in cardiac arrest. So it’s quite possible that Anniee passed away from hypocalcemia-induced cardiac arrest. But I want to stress that this is merely speculation on my part.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

One more thing, Brother: I can actually clear up the mystery of Anniee's disappearing and reappearing blog.

She told me that one night she became overly frustrated and in a rash moment, she herself deleted her blog.

She later regretted having done this and spent some time attempting to contact the blogspot.com host to see if there was any way of retrieving it. She said that getting in touch with a Blogspot authority was very difficult, but I encouraged her to keep trying because the thought of all those great posts disappearing into cyberspace forever really bummed me out.

Meanwhile, she spent a good amount of time writing new posts for her other blog "THE SHREDDER".

She felt especially bad that she had lost all of the comments that her fans - you, me, and the others - had left on "Purely Politics" over the course of a couple years.

Then, just when all hope seemed lost, she reported to me that she had discovered on her own that retrieving her lost blog was as simple as clicking a button. So, instantly her blog installments, comments and all, were restored.

Knowing that you enjoy her "Purely Politics" blog, I would encourage you to spend some time checking out her posts at "THE SHREDDER" as well, and consider adding that one to your blogroll also.

I thought her "Shredder" posts were some of her best, particularly the earlier ones that were really targeting primarily the Feminists. Gradually that blog seemed to adopt more of a "Purely Politics 2" kind of tone, but for awhile it seemed to me to represent Anniee at her "razor blade" best.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Larry said...

Mike, it was a shock, I didn't know she was in ill health.

Stephen, thanks for the updates. I'll add The Shredder to my blogroll, I stopped by there and you are right, it was classic Anniee!
Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no. I had just started getting into her writings (as recommended from your blog) before she stopped the previous time. Then she stopped again and I simply thought she was on another sabbatical. Left her blog on my list...then come back from vacation and find what happened here.

Life goes on...

Larry said...

She is missed, Q. Glad you had a good vacation, thanks for dropping by!