31 July 2011

No Good Deed

TDP is back.

Daughter just pulled up in the driveway with it, knocking and banging like she had a bunch of midgets in the bottom end of the engine with hammers.

Depending on how we do it, it will run between $300 and $2000 to take the hammers away from them.

Guess who gets to foot the bill?

I really hate that car.

Of course Daughter's solution to that is to let her drive the only other automatic transmission car I own.

That ain't gonna happen.


Brigid said...

The Cuda made it as long as it did as I resisted "Can I drive it" from every hormone laden relative and/or offspring around.

Larry said...

She does pretty well with the pony - for one thing she's still sane enough to be a little bit afraid of it - but taking it to work every day? Right out of the question.
I'll have to teach her how to drive a stick, then she can take the Baja. I guess I could take the Mustang to work...
Thanks for dropping by Brigid!