25 July 2011

Monster Hunter: Alpha

It shipped on Friday. It left Charlotte NC last night at 6:30 on a FedEx truck. It should be here today by the time I get up.

I have to work tonight. And Tuesday. And Wednesday.

It looks like Thursday night is going to be all booked up.

Middle Daughter will probably have it all read by the time I get a crack at it. That's just as well, I won't have to put up with her pestering me about it that way.

I've also ordered the autographed copy from Uncle Hugo's. You can also get an autographed copy there, or you can go to the bookstore today and get it right away!

As a side note, this may be the book I'm supposed to be brutally murdered by werewolves in. I can hardly wait to see!

UPDATE: It's here! The awesome continues...

I think I'm supposed to be Ryan Horst's wheel-man. Spoiler alert...we won't be appearing in a sequel. I think you kind of expected that.


James said...

Amazon still shows mine as "shipping soon", with an estimated delivery date of Jul 25th-29th. Ba$tards! I have Thursday and Friday off. I hope it arrives by then.

Larry said...

The status on mine is shipped and the location is given as having left Charlotte...TWO DAYS AGO!!!
Grr, good thing I'm still at work, it's not like I would have had time to read it anyway.
No E-arc for you this time?
Thanks for dropping by James!

James said...

Nope, the e-arc was out of my price range this time around. Mine left PA yesterday, with an estimated delivery date of August 2nd. Yes, August 2. Seven days to get from Allentown PA to central NC?!? Well under 500 miles, and it's going to take them a friggin week to get it here.

Larry said...

Mine still isn't here and it left Charlotte Sunday night at 6:30.
Thanks for dropping by James!