11 December 2011

Catching Up

We took off from the Refuge on Friday at noon and landed safely in Roanoke at 3 PM. A quick outing to celebrate Favorite Niece's birthday (she's 18 - oh my) and a bit of a nap and at about 2 AM Saturday morning we were off heading west.

We made it to the Ancestral Homestead at about 6 PM local time. Favorite Niece learned to drive a stick in the Banana Boat on the way, so she is very pleased with herself. We left the Mustang at home this trip, Iowa is not a good place for rear wheel drive V-8 powered convertible cars in the wintertime.

Snow and ice on the roads in town, oh joy. I haven't had to deal with that in a while, and I suddenly remember some of the reasons I didn't head right back to the Midwest when I retired from the Navy. The Boat performed as well as expected, it is just as sure-footed in the slick stuff as I thought it would be.

We have a busy week ahead of ourselves, it is always good to see loved ones from far away and I plan on traveling a bit to see some of the uncles I haven't seen in a while. Everyone seems to be doing well.

On a side note, I missed the shindig in the Hoosier City this past weekend even though I was sort of in the area - at around 10:30 AM. Actually I was attempting to navigate my way around the Ohio River bridge being missing on I-64 in Louisville KY, but I did manage to make it on the road that way for a little bit during the detour. It looks like everyone had a good time.

And appropos of nothing I suppose, my last post was number 1000 here at the Refuge. You take your milestones where you can get them I guess.


MSgt B said...

Enjoy your travels.

Post some pics for us if you get the chance.

Larry said...

Wilco. Thanks for dropping by Msgt B.

Matt said...

Darn, Larry. I'd been glad to meet you and buy you a quick cup of coffee when you landed, before you went home.

Larry said...

Iowa or Roanoke? I'm still in Iowa until the 22nd, I'm only three hours from Roanoke and visit often (my sister lives in Salem).
Thanks for dropping by Matt!

Matt said...

Check your email Larry.

Larry said...

Got it!