30 December 2011

When Does It End?

While doing my rounds I came upon this little tidbit from Guffaw, who linked a bit from from Clayton Cramer, who linked this article in the Washington Times, about how the People's Republic of California has now decreed that you must have a prescription for certain brands of over-the-counter cough syrup because it is being used as a recreational drug.

At first I was just going to write a little blurb to wonder how long it takes the nanny staters on the right (oh, you thought all tyrants were leftists? You thought wrong, there are those on both sides of the aisle who would limit your liberty for your own good) to finally say "Enough already!"

It's worse than I thought.

When I read the entire article I saw that it's not just California and it's not just cough syrup. The quote from Gideon J. Tucker comes to mind: "No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session."

I'm thinking that the idea of having a part-time legislature was a darn good one, and not just at the Federal level.


Anonymous said...

Agree with that biennial government idea! And limited to those things listed as their responsibility.

Larry said...

If only we could just get them to stick to their enumerated responsibilities instead of overstepping their bounds. I don't know if there is a way to do it short of putting every other one up against the wall to serve as a warning to the rest of them.
Thanks for dropping by cmblake!

AussieAlaskan said...

G'day, Larry - I came to your blog by way of Brigid and Home on the Range. I was particularly keen on this entry as I am so disgusted with "government" trying to tell me what is or isn't good for me! I refuse to adhere to any but my own "rules" to the extent that I can get away with, and for the rest, I back off to my own corner and do as I see fit and will continue to do so until I die. I'll be back to read more. Thanks for the blogging.

Larry said...

G'day AussieAlaskan, interesting nic.
Brigid's place is one of my first stops on the Information Highway. She writes like a poet, doesn't she?
I'm not a big fan of "for your own good" or "if you have nothing to hide..." either one.
Thanks for dropping by!