16 December 2011

Don't Laugh When Mom Is Around

Eldest Sister's Eldest Daughter, Favorite Niece, is having a bit of the back pain. She was in a car wreck last month, nothing serious but it gave her some muscle strain that she's having to deal with and she is still a bit sore.

Anyhow, she was sitting on the couch in pain and Mom asked her "Do you want a vibrator?"

Favorite Niece was, of course, aghast; not only that Grandma knew what such a device was, but that she would even offer something like that.

Turns out the couch she was sitting on has this switch that turns a vibration pad on in the seat back.

Mom doesn't think it is nearly as funny as the rest of us do.

As a side note, not a big fan of the new Blogger setup. I have to keep coming back to reformat my posts, which is more of a pain than it's worth. Unfortunately, once you go full retard there's no stepping it back. Three edits trying to get rid of the extra spacing between the first and second and the second and third paragraphs, and I finally had to do it in HTML. Redonkulous.


NavyOne said...

Ah, I feel your pain with the blogger issues. I use Wordpress and they recently had an update. I am still fiddling with it. . .

Larry said...

I wish I could back out to the old interface. There isn't anything that is in the new one that seems to be a great benefit to me, and a few things that I don't like.
Ah well, I'm sure if I wait long enough they will change it again.
Thanks for dropping by NavyOne!

MSgt B said...

"once you go full retard, there's no stepping it back"


I'm saving that one...

NavyOne said...

I hear you on the old interface. I am pissed about Google's recent change. And I don't let Yahoo try to move me off Yahoo Classic.

Whatcha' do in the Navy?

Larry said...

I was an avionics tech on Tomcats and then Hornets, retired as an AT1 in January of 2005.
Thanks for dropping by again!

Larry said...

MSgtB, wear it in good health ;)
Thanks for dropping by!