30 December 2011


I got a new radio for the Subaru that has bluetooth and can play from both an SD card and a flash drive. Everything is hooked up and it sounds great.

Now I have almost everything in the Subaru that I have in the Mustang, audio-wise. I lack only steering wheel controls (which I do use) and voice commands (which I don't use, except for the phone).

Daughter and Son-In-Law will be taking the Subaru to Florida next week, I'm going to have one or the other of them sync their phones for the trip.

And of course, since they will have the Subaru I will be forced to drive the Mustang.  I guess I will have to learn how to cope.


MSgt B said...

"I will be forced to drive the Mustang. I guess I will have to learn how to cope."

Ha Ha. Tell you what I'll do for you. I'll hang on to the Stang, you can borrow my '01 Chevy Tracker. Anything to help out a brother...

Have a Happy New Year!

Larry said...

You would do that for me? Gee, that's very generous of you!
Thanks for dropping by MSgt B!

AussieAlaskan said...

"Forced to drive the Mustang" ... I wish.

Larry said...

Yeah. It's tough being me.
Thanks for dropping by AussieAlaskan!