19 December 2011


If it's Hy Vee, it must be Iowa. I don't think I've seen these anywhere else.

 We first saw gas prices under $3.00 in Missouri, where you can find it for $2.95 pretty regularly. I saw it once for $2.89.  See North Carolina, it can be done!

Baby it's cold out here! Temperatures were in the single digits overnight when we first arrived, it has warmed up a bit since then.


Da Curly Wolf said...

we're right around $3 for gas here in Texas. Least we were when I filled the beast up on friday.

Larry said...

When I left NC last week it was running a bit over three and a half, in VA it was $3.15 - $3.20 per. It was running the same in Indiana and Illinois. I guess we will see what it is going back at the end of the week.
Thanks for dropping by CW!