02 December 2011

The Narrative

I don't usually listen to Hannity on the radio. Nothing against him, he is successful in his chosen field and I wish him the best. He just isn't one of my favorite talk show hosts.

I usually only get about 15 minutes of his show as I'm driving to work, and I can usually only last through five of it or so if he has a caller. The other day he had some guy on who couldn't argue with anything he was saying, exactly, he just didn't like the way it was being said.

This has always annoyed me.  For the life of me I can't figure how we're supposed to stop talking about how you are screwed up like a soup sandwich as soon as I point it out. At that point the conversation should be about how to take the soup out of your sandwich, not about how rude it is for me to point out the chicken and noodles dripping off of your bread.

You don't like it being pointed out to you that you are an incompetent moron. I get that. Now here's a solution for you, instead of complaining about how I'm telling you that you are a mo-tard, how about you stop being one and then both of our problems will be solved.

You can't spell "Fix Yourself" without an F-U.

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