26 July 2012

A Plan, Coming Together

It turns out that yesterday night was work partner's last night, so I was on alone last night. Everything worked out OK, not as hideous as yesterday night, so the work week ended well. Next week I have my newbie to train.

My bullets are here.

The claims adjuster has made an estimate on the Firefly, lower than what the body shop guy quoted but if I can get the reconditioned wheel for the price quoted (doubtful) it should work out.

Off to Florida to pick up the boy. He's been gone all summer and he's had about all the fun and sun he can stand.

Next is to talk to the body shop and get the parts ordered so that the repairs can begin. Next weekend I'll get some powder and then maybe make some ammo.


Anonymous said...

I'm off the 9th and 10th, so if you have propellant in hand by then, you're welcome to stop by either day/night. Just let me know which so I can plan accordingly.

Assuming I haven't been arrested for murder by then, of course. Last night, I was VERY tempted.

If you want, I can check with my local Merchant of Death for said flammable material.

Larry said...

Will do. Do I need anything else? (like case lube?)

Anonymous said...

Nah, not this time around, I have plenty of case lube, and the cases shouldn't need to be trimmed the first time around. We'll put calipers on them to be sure (I have a set), but case trimmer should be able to wait at least one or two reloads. You can buy some lube when you buy the press, scale/powder measure, and any other stuff you'll need to set up your own station later.

Larry said...


I'll let you know.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Good to see John 'Hannibal' Smith and that goofy show aren't forgotten!


Larry said...

Gone, but not forgotten.

Thanks for dropping by Guffaw!