09 July 2012

Celebrity Slab

So long Ernie. Thanks for everything.


Robert Fowler said...

He was always one of my favorites. Someone told me one time I looked like him. I immediately re-grew my mustache.

I still catch McHales navy on one of the retro channels from time to time.

His bad guy in From here to eternity was awsome.

Larry said...

My favorites were Emperor of the North and the original Poseidon Adventure. He was a great actor.
Thanks for dropping by Robert!

Anonymous said...

I miss all good character actors! He was primo!

MSgt B said...

He will surely be missed.


(I'm sure I seriously violated some blogger etiquette posting a link to my own blog in your comments, but I had to make sure you saw that one.)

Larry said...

Guffaw, he certainly was.

MsgtB, he certainly will be.

Oh, and hardy har har.

Thanks for dropping by!