12 July 2012

With Many Thanks

to the ignorant buffoons that call themselves "reporters" these days.

The good news is there are four of us on this street.

Come and find me assholes.


RabidAlien said...

Awesome. There need to be more!

Larry said...

Agreed...but it's kind of a short street and we have several houses empty. I'm actually surprised that there are four of us. Glad, but surprised.

There are a few more on the next street over.

Thanks for dropping by RA!

Robert Fowler said...

For the restaurant carry bill there is 2 words. Luby's Massacre.

markofafreeman said...

At least they're not making exact addresses and names available. There are 37 houses in my neighborhood, and 11 permit holders. Nice to know I'm in a well armed neighborhood.

Larry said...

Good point, but the street I live on (as I said) is fairly short so it probably wouldn't be hard to find me. It is nice to know I have three other people on my street and a few more on the next one, though.

Thanks for dropping by!

Larry said...

Robert, unfortunately they don't seem to care. Our bill was deliberately derailed into committee with the express intended purpose of running the clock out on it.

We know who was responsible though, and we won't forget.

Thanks for dropping by!

alaskan454 said...

The database is incomplete. I'm not in it. There are no permit holders on my street on my side of the county line. On my street in the other county, they show four. Methinks my county did not comply with the information request.

Larry said...

Maybe I should move to your county then.

By the bye, I've ordered the dies and primer tool and I'll be ordering the bullets and picking up some powder soon.

Thanks for dropping by!