21 July 2012


This time it wasn't my fault. Someone pulled out of a parking lot and got me as I was driving by.

Another trip to the body shop.  I guess I'll find out how good my insurance really is.

On a side note, if anyone wanted to know how the fake side scoops are held on...double side tape, no locating pins.

UPDATE: As expected once I talked to a real human being it is going against her insurance but my insurance company is handling the details. My body guy says rough estimate $4500, we'll see what the insurance company guy says later this week when he comes to look at it.

Fender, door, plastic rocker panel cover, wheel, fake side scoop and stripes, all from Ford, and the labor and paint which is the bulk of it. The good news is the door ding that my grand-daughter put in it right above the right rear wheel gets fixed as well. My body guy does good work, when he's done it will look like nothing ever happened to it.

The bad news is, the car will be in the shop for a couple of weeks at least. I miss it already.


RabidAlien said...

Dang. Did you get the license of the dude/dudette that tagged you?

Anonymous said...

Your insurance? Sounds like THEIR insurance should be paying for this one. That truly sucks, my friend.

Larry said...

RA, a full police report was filed. Damn right I called them, but of course they didn't issue any tickets.

James, her insurance surely should pay it, but they like to get you to pay the deductible and get the repairs rolling, then they reimburse you when the investigation is done.

I don't want to do that, so I'll be waiting for a human to call me on Monday. By that time I should have the estimate from my body guys.

Thanks for dropping by!

MSgt B said...


One more of those, and we make you trade it in for a Prius.

cary said...

Wow. Ouch.

And from experience: your stand should be that you are not paying a dime at anytime, since it was not YOU who initiated the vehicular contact. If they want the deductible paid, then they can collect it from the other driver, who DID initiate the vehicular (and criminal) contact.

Larry said...

MSgtB, I've had the Subaru a couple of weeks longer and it hasn't managed to pick up any damage like this. If it was a Prius it wouldn't bother me so much.

Cary, I think the deal is that since I haven't talked to a real human being yet the 'puter is just going on the assumption it's my fault. I'm sure it will get cleared up on Monday when I actually talk to the claims agent.

Thanks for dropping by!

cary said...

MSgtB - a Prius? Wow, that's kinda harsh, Top. Just sayin'.

I mean, I know he's a swabbie and all, but a Prius? I wouldn't wish that on a Coastie!

Larry said...

Could have been worse Cary. He could have said "Chevy Volt"...

cary said...


And heh.