15 July 2012

Genius of the Week

This guy!

HT: Stephanie from Terminal Velocity, in comments at Marko's place.


RabidAlien said...

Wow. I bet this guy still lives with his parents. As they say, though, there are very few smart criminals in jail. Just a bunch who were dumb enough to get caught.

Larry said...

I think posting a picture of yourself in progress would qualify as "dumb enough".

Thanks for dropping by RA!

RabidAlien said...

Totally agreed. Problem is, when you do something like that, you invariably want to brag. And once more than one person knows, its no longer a secret. And in the circles that run on the shady side of the law, there's ALWAYS someone listening, and willing to pass along said information to someone else. Information, after all, is quite the valuable commodity. One little overheard conversation may mean the difference between 90 days community service or time behind bars, married to Omar.

Always a pleasure to stop by! Thanks for posting!

Larry said...

One Halloween I came outside and found my mailbox down. A week or so later a man showed up to put it back up in exchange for no charges being filed.

Seems that his daughter lobbed a pumpkin out of the back of a pickup truck and hit it, one of many that night. They got caught because they were talking about it at school.

I told him you had to admire the arm on her, being able to hit a mailbox from a moving pickup with a pumpkin. He said yeah, but he'd never tell her so.

Thanks for dropping by!

RabidAlien said...

LOL Yeah, great story! Gotta admire a man who would do that for his daughter. Although, I think I would have agreed, provided that his daughter did at least half of the work. Her actions, her responsibility, her lesson learned.

Larry said...

Even better...she was at work earning the cash to pay for the new posts. I think she learned.
She never did roll over on the driver of the truck, though.