19 July 2012

New Toys!

No singing frogs, but I did get these today (via UPS, not FedEx, which probably explains the frog deficit):

I have no idea what any of it does yet (that's not quite true, I've pretty much figured out how the primer tool works) but I will soon.

This weekend I order projectiles, when they get here I will obtain propellant.


Stephen said...

You'll find it a lot of fun. Congrats.

Larry said...

Thanks Stephen. Range Partner has been after me to take the plunge for a while now.
Thanks for dropping by!

MSgt B said...

I'm getting this strange "mad scientist" vibe.
I see a lot of experimenting in your future.

Don't blow up your house.

Larry said...

I'll have to start working on my evil laugh.


Thanks for stopping by MSgtB!